Couples & Relationship Counselling

Relationships are important- We are all hardwired for connection. But you also have to work at them! You are an individual and so is your partner, both with your own sets of wants; needs and desires and sometimes these are at odds. Over time, we can lose our idententies in the relationship and this can lead to resentments and upset.

Myth buster #1 

Your relationship does not have to be "on the rocks" before seeing a counsellor. In fact I see many people who want to enhance aspects of their relationship.

Myth buster #2

Saying fears about relationships out loud will make things worse. Actually better communication in a relationship, can only be a good thing.

Myth buster #3

If my partner really loved me, I wouldn't need to say what I need or how I am feeling. Your partner is not a mind reader and neither are you! Learning to recognise your own needs and stating them, gives your partner the opportunity to meet them, or not!

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Image by Alice Donovan Rouse