Self Care 

We all do it, from time to time, we forget that we are the stars of our own life, focusing on work; family issues and somewhere at the bottom of the pile, like a crumpled shirt, there you are. So how about we change that in  small but effective ways?

Now as lovely as it would be to win the lottery, quit our jobs and go live on an island…it is not going to happen for most of us and so finding your own practical ways to escape life’s pressures is essential. Self-care is not just something on your to do list to be ticked off, it’s a practice that will get you back to you each day. That’s right, I said each day! After all you are more than worth it.

Here's some things that may help:

  • Take three deep belly breaths and slowly breath out emptying all the air from your lungs. On the outbreath, try letting all the tension you’re holding in your body release and relax.

  • Mindfully notice an everyday activity such as brushing your teeth or drinking a hot drink, notice what you notice in your body.

  • Turn off for an hour- notifications on your phone, email and social media

  • Get outside and go for a 15-minute walk- most of us would benefit by having more vitamin D and this is a great way of getting some.

  • Take the time to write your thoughts down, you never know, there might be a book in you. This helps with over thinking and once you’ve got them out of your head, you can get back to you!

  • Listen to your favourite songs and have a dance around your kitchen

  • See a friend that you’ve been meaning to catch up with- and yes have the cake if you want it

  • Be your own best friend- imagine that you are your best friend, what three things do they love and appreciate about you? Now say them to yourself in the mirror.

  • Practice using kind words to describe yourself in your head- tell the critical messages to kindly do one- if you were to consider where the messages came from originally, you may find they were not yours and not meant for you.

  • Meditate for 5 mins- Useful and free Apps include: Insight timer, Calm and Headspace (options to pay for extra)

  • Let yourself daydream- perhaps not when you’re driving though!

  • Sleep- get into a good bedtime routine. We do this with babies and children and then we forget to do it for ourselves. An hour before you intend to fall asleep, switch off electrical devices, have a warm bath or shower, gentle yoga can help to set intentions for tomorrow, warm drink, meditate (Use one of the free Apps) and switch your phone to “Do not disturb” setting.

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